In the year 2001 I decided that I had composed and recorded enough good material to compile a CD. Most of the tracks however were not mixed and mastered properly. The PC hardware I had available was driven to its limits because the playing of the MIDI based tracks in Cubase and the recording of the output of the analog mixer was done on one PC. I found out that mixing the various tracks to be in balance with each other was more difficult than I thought. And the mixing was done on a Sennheiser headphone because I had no monitor speakers. After mixing a track I would burn it on a RW-CD and listen to it on the stereo equipment in the living room. You can imagine this took a lot of CD burning.

In May 2002 the CD was ready. I have sent it to some small record labels but there was not much interest. Also sent the CD to the Dutch iO Pages magazine where it was positively reviewed by Paul Rijkens. In October 2002 I had a stand on the E-Live electronic music festival in Eindhoven were I sold quiet a lot of CD's.

The title Attorks is a abbreviation of the words Attic Works. At the time of the release of the CD, I Googled the word Attorks and got zero hits. It is funny to see how the search results on Google on the word Attorks has grown over the years.

Beneath you will find the text that was on the back of the CD case. I hope you will enjoy the music.

The Tracks

The copyright of the music of these tracks is owned by Martin Peters. All rights reserved. 2002

Track Title Time
1 Around 07:03
2 Source 08:04
3 Chimes 06:03
4 Opening 05:57
5 Synthya 12:58
6 Talk 05:37
7 Yawn 04:14
8 Mellow 03:50
9 Crash 12:57







Click on a title to listen the mp3-file or right-click on a title to download the mp3-file.
The mp3-files are 320kbps stereo.

The Equipment
Roland SC-880, Roland JV-80, Kawai K5000R, Korg Wavestation EX, Lexicon MPX 100 and Spirit Folio SX.
Intel PC with Microsoft Windows 98SE, Steinberg Cubase, M-Audio Delta 44 and Creative SB Live! for SoundFonts.

The Artist
I composed, performed and recorded the music in the attic of my home in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
The music is composed between 1998 and 2002 and released on CD may 2002.
I would like to thank all the people that inspired me for this, especially Elly, Mark and Tessa.